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Adobe InDesign CC Extension Example

Example files from Olav Martin Kvern's blog post Change as a Way of Life: CC Extensions and the Third-Party InDesign Developer that explains how to develop CC Extensions for Adobe InDesign, based on his presentation at PePcon 2014.

Scripts for Using InDesign as a CAD Tool

Scripts that accompany Olav Martin Kvern's article Using InDesign as a CAD Tool from his PePcon 2014 presentation, including scripts for path manipulation as well as scripts to save and restore selections.

Diverse and Creative Scripts for InDesign

A Set of FREE Scripts for Adobe InDesign. Extend InDesign with a set of scripts by Olav Martin Kvern.

  • MysticRose: Draws a mystic rose design (similar to "string art").
  • Fractalize: Applies a fractal pattern to the selected path.
  • ReplaceTextWithGraphic: Replaces a specific text string with a graphic file from your disk.
  • ReadPMTags: Have you ever wanted to place a file formatted with PageMaker's simple tags in InDesign, rather than using InDesign's more complicated tagged text format? That's what this script does.
  • PlaceHTML: Have you ever wanted to place an HTML file in InDesign and retain formatting (such as heading level, bold, and italic)? That's what this script does.
  • Scribble: Randomizes the points on a path, producing a "hand-drawn" look. Try it with text!
  • Explode: Blows the selected path into scattered path fragments. Not sure if it’s useful, but using it can help reduce work-related stress.
  • IterativePathCuts: Converts InDesign paths to g-code for driving CNC machines. Comes in handy if you ever need to carve a sign from your InDesign layout.
  • ConvertToSketchUp: Converts InDesign paths to a Ruby script that can re-create the paths on a plan in Google SketchUp.
  • eBookIndexingSuite: Adds/removes/checks text destinations to make indexing eBooks easier.
  • ConvertToSVG: Want to convert your InDesign paths to SVG so that you can play in HTML 5? This script converts the selected InDesign objects to SVG.
  • NINA: Draws complex "Spirograph" paths using the NINA ("NINA Is Not an Algorithm") algorithm. Hours of harmless fun!
  • SimplifyPath: If you've gone crazy with the InDesign sample script "AddPoints," SimplifyPath can clean things up. SimplifyPath removes extraneous path points along straight line segments, but leaves simplified curves alone.
  • CutContents: Have you ever wanted to get the contents *out* of a nested series of paths you've created using "Paste Inside"? This script does that, placing the page items in the same position on the page.