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Silicon Connector for Dropbox enables Adobe Creative Cloud workflows

Silicon Connector for Dropbox provides you the tools you need to get more value out of your Dropbox account. Creative teams can browse their assets stored in Dropbox from a panel within Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Dropbox is a very popular cloud-based file storage/sharing service used by millions for secure distribution of digital assets and other content.

Dropbox is powerful because of its cloud-based model, but this strength also exposes a great weakness: Adobe InDesign cannot link to digital assets stored in the cloud. It only sees those on the local file system or network.

Silicon Connector fixes this short-coming, by enabling linking of InDesign to digital assets in Dropbox (as well as other cloud-based services) simply and automatically, using true http URLs. And it’s not just for InDesign any more: Connector also enables limited access to Dropbox from directly within Photoshop and Illustrator.


1: Use the "Open" feature in the web UI to open locally and save to the cloud.
Simplicity is Sophistication

Before Silicon Connector, Adobe InDesign users could only link locally-based digital assets to an InDesign document. When sharing their work with others outside of the local network, they had to package the entire project, including all digital assets, creating duplicates of everything. This resulted in mass redundant assets and huge files to be transferred, as well as versioning issues down the road. These complexities were compounded when sharing projects with remote team members or external contributors such as consultants, design houses or agencies.

With Connector, these barriers to collaborative workflows are removed: everyone on the InDesign team references a single set of digital assets, centrally located on Dropbox. Update any asset there, and notifications of the updated Dropbox content automatically propagate out to the team, so everyone is able to stay up to date and in sync.

How it works

After you've installed Silicon Connector for Dropbox, you are prompted to log into your Dropbox account through an in-app panel in InDesign. After authenticating, just drag your assets directly from the Connector panel onto your document, without leaving the application. You no longer have to copy down your assets from DropBox, place them locally, then upload your packaged document back to DropBox. Connector manages all of this directly from InDesign through true HTML linking. Collaboration becomes easy, as each link works for any user of your InDesign file with Connector, in any location around the world with Internet access.

Silicon Connector for Dropbox also includes basic support of navigating, searching, and working with individual Photoshop and Illustrator assets.

You can contact us to try Silicon Connector for Dropbox or to request a demonstration.


Licenses Yearly price
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1 - 20 $250
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51 - 200 $200
201+ $175