Bridge The Gap Between


Bridge The Gap Between

Adobe is the best in DIGITAL


Adobe is the best in PRINT


But there is a gap


Silicon Publishing has created a robust enterprise solution with
one purpose in mind — to bridge the gap between the digital and print worlds.

There are three products in the suite:

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Does your InDesign do this?

Drag an image from an AEM window directly into InDesign without using a local file. That simple act unlocks a powerful world of efficiencies.

With a direct http link, last minute image changes are instantly updated. No more errors and syncing lags using cumbersome local files.

Use low resolution 'FPO' files that automatically connect to the high resolution file in the cloud.

Silicon Connector for AEM 2.0 includes an interface inside of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to search and navigate AEM Assets.

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Uniquely tailored to fill the gap between Adobe Campaign and InDesign Server, now workflows can include data-driven, personalized print delivery.

Silicon’s Campaign Paginator™ optimizes InDesign server to automatically output millions of documents per day without pressing a button. And set up is easy:

  1. Build elegant templates with all the creative power of InDesign.
  2. Use integrated customer profiles that drive all of your campaign channels.
  3. Combine Adobe Campaign logic with sophisticated print layout rules that dynamically fill pages with personalized content.
  4. Automate the process as part of an Adobe Campaign Workflow.
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Do you have a distributed network, like agents or stores, that need to customize print templates for local marketing campaigns?

Silicon Designer™ is a Web2Print WYSIWYG editor where "What You See Is actually What You Get". Think of Silicon Designer as "InDesign Lite" for a distributed network of users.

Now you can use the same data sources and integrated customer profiles from Adobe Campaign while maximizing the full creative power of InDesign.

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Bridging The Gap

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