I write blog posts and create an ever-expanding amount of marketing content for our company. I often have to find free stock images, and I am impressed with how good the public domain offerings are getting. Here are the sources that seem to rise to the top.

Things to watch out for

Before getting to the sites, I should note that copyright law is important to follow and there are certainly different forms of "free" license. Public Domain Sherpa and Creative Commons provide great information about license types. Generally speaking, I prefer "free to use, including modification, for commercial use, without attribution" but I consider attribution if that's all that's available. In any case, it’s important to know which license you are using. "CC0" is nice as it doesn't require attribution.

Enough watching out, here are the sites...

The Flight InDesign Plugin that we developed a year ago is getting renewed attention recently, including an update for 2017 and new, easier, installers. I spoke at the Canto DAM Summit last week, and in preparation I explored a new cool feature that we're slating for the next release, made possible thanks to the gradual evolution of Adobe CC Extension technology. Related to that is a better way of expressing the value of our core Silicon Connector technology, which can be seen by looking in a bit more detail at the other, bad alternatives to it. Below is my presentation from the Canto DAM Summit Americas 2017.



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