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Silicon Publishing helps companies work with content, data and InDesign documents at any scale. We know automation and workflow are a big part of any project where you want to personalize and create marketing material from a databases or DAM.


We all have databases with content about our customers, products and services. Normally that data will be sent to an agency to create marketing materials. That process creates issues with updates and scaling. If you need to manage hundreds of clients using personalization you need a system that can help with that.


If you are a large company a DAM will benefit you. A DAM creates a central repository for your branding material. This includes Box, DropBox, AEM... your choice, but you need to use something that works for your company. You can not have your branding material spread out between different servers, computers, etc. There is too much value in your brand to lose control of it.


Take control of your brand and manage all your assets from one central source

Now we can make something great together!

Silicon Publishing provides tools to create amazing marketing and branding material from the data you already have. The data can be from Word, Excel, or any database. These assets can be photos, illustrations, logos, etc...

InDesign is the tool that provides the framework to create automated material. You can not do it without other tools. 

Our tools to make InDesign work online are:

  1. InDesign Server itself. We provide services and support to make InDesign Server  work for you. We install it and create the scripts to make your content work with any InDesign server.
  2. Designer. Designer gives your sales, training and other teams in your company the ability to create marketing materials from the browser. 
  3. Connector. Connector is for your design team. Connector makes your InDesign documents work on the cloud. Not only the InDesign document will work on the cloud, but also, the links to the files will work on the cloud. If you have remote teams and you want to work with them efficiently, Connector makes all the files work from the same source. You don't need to copy files, or work with files outside the DAM. Everything remains in the DAM server so if anyone changes a file in the repository, everyone will get an update on that.

So, if you want to automate documents, create marketing material dynamically, manage your brand like a pro, you need to work with your data, your assets and InDesign in a cloud environment.

Give us a call, contact us and we will help you. 

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