Load-Balancing and Job-Queuing for InDesign Server

Provides horizontal and vertical scaling of IDS. Many servers or many processes on a single server.

The entire system is scalable and multi-tenant across any server configuration (e.g. you can have 3 IDS servers and some customers using only 1 or 2 of them and some customers using all 3, each server would then render jobs for multiple customers)

Manages InDesign Server Instances.

Conductor manages render jobs for all servers you've made available to your application. When a render is requested, Conductor directs the work to the server with the least load, ensuring your application has the best performance possible.

Provides a RESTful service interface for executing jobs on InDesign Server.

There are 2 variants of the API: synchronous (for backward compatibility with Scene7) and a more advanced asynchronous API that is faster and can be used by other applications not based on Scene7.

Provides an admin interface for managing servers, jobs, security, assets, and much more.

Conductor includes an intuitive user interface for administering your environment. Add fonts, troubleshoot unsuccessful render jobs, assign servers to specific environments for testing and production. You are in control.

Manages multiple IDS scripts and versions of scripts.

All entities in our admin are versioned, including fonts, templates, etc. The user can activate any previously uploaded version of any entity, allowing you to easily rollback changes and keep your application running smoothly.

Other features

  • Supports multi-tenants, assigning each to specific servers.
  • Provides logging of IDS calls for troubleshooting new scripts.
  • Manages the starting and stopping of IDS instances.
  • Provides UI for server health and job processes.
  • Provides UI for identifying server load and job run time.


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