Document automation is a wise investment.

Silicon Paginator brings financial statement and reporting automation to another level.

Silicon Paginator is ideal for financial services, given the regular institutional reporting requirements, and because financial statements are virtually entirely data-driven. Naturally, they are customized according to a specific fund or company, or for a specific recipient. Some characteristics of documents in the financial space:

  • Charts and graphs part of the landscape. We can automate charting directly with InDesign Server, although we also reference graphics generated by tools such as Highcharts.
  • Tables are also common. This document object has traditionally been a performance choke-point for InDesign Server, but that is now a thing of the past, given our recent breakthroughs in table rendition technology.


Because financial documents are mission-critical, and the data feeding them must be correct, automated validation is often part of the process. One example of this is found in the verification of data elements from the InDesign output vis-à-vis the incoming data.

Unlike many consumer-focused publications, financial documents are often less a flow of content across pages than a fixed set of objects on a page. These objects or subsections might appear in fixed positions, or within more complex requirement that a specific number of sections or elements appear together on any given page.

This dovetails with our “data-aware snippet” technology. An InDesign snippet can be any arbitrary chunk of content or collection of related page items that act as a document component, and that can be made to ingest content in an automated fashion. Also crucial is the often-missed fact that these data-aware snippets can be stored in DAM systems such as Adobe Experience Manager and robustly linked to multiple related InDesign documents.





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