Born in the print industry.

Silicon Publishing was born in the Print industry. Since our founders’ earliest days as software developers within the giant Bertelsmann media conglomerate, we have specialized in print automation, creating systems delivering billions of data-generated pages of print output per year. Along the way, we grew through the infusion of several of the original creators of the InDesign product – the page layout tool of choice for serious printers – whose tenure at Adobe paralleled ours at Bertelsmann. After the founding of Silicon Publishing in 2000, we united under one roof to develop far more powerful tools for the printing industry. The first of these is Silicon Paginator.


Silicon Paginator

Printers deliver huge value by being able to turn their clients' data into perfectly formatted output through a tool such as Silicon Paginator. We have enabled many printers around the world to offer database publishing services such as:

  • Statement generation
  • Catalog and directory automation
  • One-to-one marketing (VDP) campaigns - click here
  • Automated communications such as member letters triggered by events
  • Document assembly/variable data projects such as personalized insurance booklets, travel itineraries, and fund reporting

Paginator offers a sophisticated foundation for a wide range of such data-generated outputs. When InDesign Server was released in 2005, we thought that we would simply explode with Paginator work. However, while we did keep increasing the scale, diversity, and quality of our database publishing work, we were surprised by demand for what had been more of an avocation until that point – true online editing. Enter Silicon Designer.


Silicon Designer

The second major root nourishing our growth is Silicon Designer, which since 2009 has fulfilled the dreams of over 50 printers around the world. Some produce millions of pages per week, others engage teams of over 500 designers, and still others maintain 100,000+ templates. With broad international support, Silicon Designer is now deployed in more than 10 languages, including Chinese.

Today, our newest HTML5 Silicon Designer is the state of the art in online editing, while Silicon Paginator maintains its status as the state of the art in database publishing. Over time we are unifying the two – for example, Silicon Designer’s new interfaces for managing one-to-one marketing campaigns. While we continue to expand web publishing and Silicon Designer is seen as a "web-to-web" application, we intend to stay with the Print industry as it evolves. Print isn't dead, it’s simply becoming more dynamic/on-demand as well as more integrated with other channels. Many of our Print clients & partners have now re-focused on general services inclusive of print. Consequently, we find ourselves building web applications for communications that have only a small print component.


Silicon Publishing

Whether it is Adobe InDesign for layout or InDesign Server for rendition, our unmatched expertise in both ensures that we are able to combine the highest possible quality of print output with the greatest level of automation in the most complex print production processes. We have spent decades in this industry, and have the ink-stained fingers to prove it. Consequently, we know & respect the traditional crafts of typography and printing, while embracing the latest technology. This blending of past art & future science is the genesis of our company, Silicon Publishing.



Silicon Designer         Silicon Paginator


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