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Silicon Paginator helps you automate the essential documents in the Travel & Hospitality space.

Travel is one of the classic use cases for Silicon Paginator. Take the example of a cruise booklet, containing all of the information you need to know in advance of your cruise. Looking beyond the expected elements, like itineraries, details about ports of call, confirmation of those traveling with you, we have found that travel documents have certain traits in common:

At the most abstract level, there is a process of content aggregation. This means fields in the data that trigger inclusion or exclusion of certain pages or content components, which are often tailored to a specific recipient group or individual customer.

Content is usually delivered as flowing text across a sequence of pages. The rich formatting of such text may be found in the form of HTML or XML, out it might come from rich text fields in a database, or those referenced in a DAM or conventional file system. Silicon Paginator has robust capabilities that map style markup to InDesign object styles, resulting in very powerful rendition for text flows.

Although this flowing text is data-driven, usually there is a design goal of making the document appear to be hand-crafted. In response, we have evolved rules-driven composition that can accomplish this in an automated fashion. For example, the number of records in a table can determine whether it can be slightly adjusted to fit onto a page, or if it must be spread across two pages with filler images or advertisements. Either way, the result is perfect pagination.

Our goal is not to put designers out of work: instead, the designers are empowered to control the design intent of the entire process, which leverages their efforts across thousands of customers, delivering personalization through automation of their rules and designs.





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