Document Automation
for the Print Industry

Silicon Publishing has partnered with the world’s top printing companies for decades, delivering the highest quality online editing and database publishing solutions. Our products are extensible, scalable, intelligent, and can be completely white labeled. With a suite of APIs and exclusive Connector technology, we integrate databases, DAMs, shopping carts and workflow software.

Two Tools

We have two incredibly advanced products to help you streamline production and distribution.

Online Editing

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Edit all of your documents online in a browser using Silicon Designer; either as a stand-alone editor, or integrated into your existing workflow.

Automation / AI

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Sophisticated software to automate layouts, data, templates, documents and everything in between. With one command, entire booklets can be intelligently designed & print-ready.
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Online editing at its finest. Fully customized design & functionality that fits flawlessly into your workflow.

Edit in a Browser

Edit your branding material, yard signs and more.

Edit in a browser

Brand Control

Easily manage color schemes, fonts, and logos, for a cohesive and memorable brand identity that sets you apart.


Never worry about text overflow or awkward formatting again. Silicon Designer’s intelligent copy-fitting ensures that your text seamlessly into any layout.

Drag & Drop

Quickly & intuitively arrange images, text, and other elements for that perfect layout.

3D Viewing

See a real-time 3D preview of your marketing collateral.
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Adobe Express Integration

Use all the same great tools and features from Adobe Express.
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Markup Tool

Assign rules, styles & variables within InDesign for use in Silicon Designer.
Silicon Designer Markup Tool

Fits any workflow, easily.


Don’t replace your
design staff.
Empower them.

Now, for the real magic.


Silicon Paginator

Whether it’s a one-page flyer or a five-hundred-page catalog requiring 10,000,000 copies, our process is 100% automated and ready for printing within seconds.

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Silicon Paginator specializes in data-driven document publishing & automation for a wide variety of documents, ranging from brochures, catalogs, datasheets, one-to-one marketing pieces, to financial statements and much more…

Paginator integrates data from many sources to automate InDesign documents using Adobe InDesign Server.

If it can be printed or published online,
we can automate it.

No layout or data-population is too complex for Paginator.

Take your printing business to the next level.

Reach out to Silicon Publishing today.

SDXML: a Universal Document Model

It has been nearly twenty years since Alissa Whitney and I created the first version of SDXML, and since then, it has grown into far more than we ever imagined. Initially created as a utilitarian way to make InDesign documents editable on the web, at this point it is...

Document Automation for Real Estate

The real estate Industry, both commercial and residential, has a strong dependency on documents. These range from marketing materials such as flyers, postcards, and listings, to complex legal documents such as loan applications, contracts, and deeds of title. In our...

Visualizing Promotional Products

Graphics technology has evolved rapidly following the advent of the computer, and during the past decade high-quality 3D graphics have finally become available to everyone. It's hard to imagine that just 9 years ago, we were lobbying to convince Apple to support...

Extending Adobe Express

I am here in Los Angeles at the 2023 Adobe MAX conference, excited to show our recent work. We have spent the past three and a half months using Express extensibility features to develop two integrations, using the two SDKs available in the new Express product: One of...

Silicon Render Service for Adobe InDesign Server

Silicon Publishing has been delivering solutions using Adobe InDesign Server, since the product's inception in 2005. We build solutions that let organizations generate dynamic documents at scale, or edit Adobe InDesign documents online through an easy-to-use,...

Online Design and Editing

Online editing is a powerful technology that has been steadily evolving since the World Wide Web became popular in the 1990s. Prior to the advent of the web, the "personal computer" had itself been revolutionary, giving designers and authors incredible new power to...

Why DAM Vendors Should Leave Web To Print to the Experts

Overview Web to Print, or WYSIWYG print collateral customisation has become one of the more common add-on facilities that an increasing number of DAM vendors are either offering their clients or being asked to by them. There are three core elements of these kind of...

When and Why Adobe InDesign Server Rules

We at Silicon Publishing have been working in the database publishing and online editing space for over twenty years, since the very birth of desktop Adobe InDesign, and long before the initial release of InDesign Server in 2005. Currently, we build the largest...

The Rise of “DIY” Publishing

Do it yourself, or DIY, has been part of the American cultural landscape since the 1950s. Based on an individualistic concept with its roots in the very pragmatic (and no doubt ancient) “I can do this myself and save some money” approach, applied initially to home...

Producing Branded Collateral for Real Estate

If you’re in the real estate business, you’re probably part of a large, nationwide association or affiliation that has offices in nearly every state, or your business may be headquartered in just one city, and perhaps you have a few locations — or even just one. In...