Silicon Connector for Veeva Vault

Enables seamless Adobe Creative Cloud workflows

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Veeva Vault is the leading cloud-enterprise content management platform for global life sciences industry applications. With Veeva Vault, organizations stay in compliance, while increasing efficiency and speed to market.

How does Silicon Connector help Veeva Vault clients?

Adobe Creative Cloud applications like InDesign do not readily link to assets stored in other storage networks. Silicon Connector makes this possible by linking InDesign to Veeva Vault, simply and automatically through URL-based links. Connector enables access to Veeva Vault assets from directly within Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, without the need to ever leave Adobe CC workflows.

What else does Silicon Connector for Veeva Vault do?

  • Secure access to create, edit, share, and distribute content
  • No more searching for files, relinking, or packaging
  • Flawless collaboration workflows
  • Maintain brand guidelines
  • Integration of Microsoft Word with WordsFlow
  • Asset resolution publishing
  • Never leave Adobe CC