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Campaign Paginator is the Print Channel of your Campaign

Campaign Paginator adds high-quality print output using Adobe InDesign Server to Marketing management solutions such as Adobe Campaign. Rules maintained in Paginator and/or integrated systems determine the precise messaging of print pieces, which are produced in lights-out, automated fashion at high volume.

Campaign Paginator offers fine-grained control over print rendition, as it leverages the Adobe InDesign composition engine. Paginator lets users map data sources to InDesign text and image flows, allowing for precise control over output.


Paginator connects data to documents

With Campaign Paginator, you set up templates in Adobe InDesign, defining how data will flow through these templates for print and other forms of output. You can connect to data sources, control sorting and grouping of output, and define the ways static content is integrated into the dynamic publishing process.

Campaign Paginator is controlled via Web Services, so it can connect to disparate systems to receive requests or aggregate data. Paginator is highly extensible and can be integrated with almost any modern system.

Attain your vision for communication

Silicon Publishing can extend Campaign Paginator to help you realize your unique vision. We have assisted some of the largest organizations in the world as they bring greater levels of automation and personalization of content publishing across a wide range of content sources and a diverse set of target media. While we work with the largest organizations in the world, we also solve problems for relatively small operations such as community colleges and small printers. Contact us today to see how we can help you.



Campaign paginator

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