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Silicon Publishing’s Connector technology unites Alfresco’s asset management functionality with Adobe InDesign’s layout & composition capabilities, adding true single-source asset management to enterprise authoring workflows.

With the power of Silicon Connector for Alfresco, Alfresco ECM now serves as a single, integrated system of record for all of the assets used in InDesign workflows. Instead of moving files around, or attempting to mimic connectivity with legacy approaches such as WebDAV, Silicon Connector for Alfresco lets you keep your assets in the ECM repository and use them by direct reference within InDesign documents.

Silicon Connector for Alfresco

How it works.

Silicon Connector for Alfresco enables Alfresco ECM users to work with assets stored directly in Alfresco inside of InDesign. Through a navigation panel, an InDesign user can move through folders or search assets in ECM. Once you’ve identified images or other assets to use in your InDesign document, you can drag and drop them straight into InDesign. This automatically creates direct, HTTP-based links.

This linkage between Alfresco ECM and InDesign is persistent, and travels with the InDesign project. The impact is revolutionary: edits, updates and changes to the asset of record in ECM appear in the connected InDesign documents without user intervention, automatically.

This key strength found in pairing InDesign with Alfresco deserves reiteration: an entire InDesign team can work collaboratively with a single set of assets residing solely in Alfresco. Those assets don’t move, and they don’t get copied. They stay where needed, and whenever an asset is updated in ECM, that content propagates out to every linked InDesign document: updates are shared with the entire team, instantly.



Licenses Yearly price
per license (USD)
1 - 20 $400
21 - 50 $375
51 - 200 $350
201+ $175



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