Libris CC Connector enables Adobe Creative Cloud workflows

Libris by Photoshelter is a cloud-based DAM that brings simplicity and elegance to asset and brand management. The Libris CC Connector provides direct connectivity to Libris from right within Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Without such a Connector, Adobe InDesign in its default form does not readily link InDesign documents to assets stored in the Cloud: it only supports digital assets on the local file system or network. InDesign is too locally focused to see your assets on Libris, or anywhere else in the Cloud.

The Libris CC Connector fixes that, by linking InDesign to Libris simply and automatically. Beyond URL-based links to Libris assets from InDesign, Connector enables access to Libris from directly within Photoshop and Illustrator, letting users check individual files in and out.


Simplicity is Sophistication

Before Silicon Connector, Adobe InDesign users had to link assets to an InDesign document locally, but when sharing outside of the network, they had to package the entire project as well as all the assets, creating redundant copies. This resulted in mass duplication of assets, long file transfers and versioning issues, challenges that were only compounded when sharing projects with multiple remote resources such as consultants, design houses or agencies.

With the Libris CC Connector, these barriers to collaboration are removed: everyone on your InDesign team shares assets via Libris. Update an asset in Libris, and the updated content automatically references the latest versions.