The MediaValet Creative Cloud Connector bridges the main Adobe Creative Cloud application suite and is built entirely on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

This means that users of MediaValet’s unique digital asset management software (DAMS) can, for the first time ever, access and manage DAMS assets from within their Adobe Creative Cloud® applications (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator). Connector offers a rich control suite, allowing them to preview, place, upload, update, metadata search and more..


Powerfully Simplicity

Now, creative teams can simply open the MediaValet Creative Cloud Connector and drag-and-drop the media assets into InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. Dragging and dropping assets triggers MediaValet’s version control engine which checks out the assets, ensuring that no one else can edit or use them while they’re being updated.

Once checked back in, MediaValet replaces the previous assets and unlocks the new version. Any time assets become linked in the Adobe Suite, they are automatically linked together in MediaValet. This auto-linking ensures referenced assets are always the latest versions.

MediaValet Creative Cloud Connector allows you to:

  • Connect to MediaValet DAMS from Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, and navigate WebDAM folders from within those applications.
  • Stay in Adobe Creative Cloud applications while managing DAMS assets via a rich control suite: preview, place, upload, update and more.
  • Stay current with the latest versions of your MediaValet DAMS assets, which propagate out to linked Adobe InDesign or native Photoshop/Illustrator content. Automatically.
  • Search DAMS assets from Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

And Powerful Technology

The MediaValet Creative Cloud Connector ensures this experience is maintained by retaining all linked assets in MediaValet as true URLs. This enables Adobe files to be exchanged without having to re-package, re-copy, or re-link graphic elements. The links in question are simple URLs corresponding to true single-source assets in MediaValet.

When a user chooses “Edit Original” in InDesign, referenced Illustrator or Photoshop assets can be edited within their respective applications, including checking the edited files back into MediaValet. These efficiencies build upon MediaValet's fully cloud-based digital asset management solution and enable teams across entire organizations to efficiently organize, process and deliver assets within their existing Adobe workflows.

This level of integration between the Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Azure is unprecedented in the industry, and represents truly ground-breaking Creative Cloud innovation.



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