The Widen Adobe CC Connector

Users can now access digital assets directly from the Widen Collective in their InDesign layouts without the hassle of downloading files to local file systems or network drives. With the Widen Adobe CC Connector, a direct and durable HTTP link is created, a link that works for any user of your InDesign file, in any location around the world. This means no more manual updates, re-packaging or re-linking just to add content or work together on a project.

Based on our Silicon Connector technology, the Widen Adobe CC Connector seamlessly creates URL-based links to Widen Collective assets, removing the need for duplicating files and copying them to a locally available space before InDesign can use them.


As easy as drag and drop.

To use the Widen Adobe CC Connector, you simply access assets in the Widen Collective as you usually would, but instead of downloading them to your local file system, you drag them from the Widen Collective directly into InDesign. This creates a live link between the InDesign document and the Widen Collective asset, so your InDesign document is automatically aware of changes to source assets in the Widen Collective.

With the Widen Adobe CC Connector, barriers to collaboration are removed: everyone on your InDesign team shares assets via the Widen Collective. Update an asset in the DAM, and the updated content propagates out to every InDesign document, automatically. Using InDesign this way means that with a single click, current approved assets are made instantly available to the entire team, wherever and whenever needed.


Asset resolution publishing.

The Widen Adobe CC Connector also lets you work with high- and low-resolution variants of assets efficiently, as it provides the ability to toggle the resolution of assets directly from the InDesign links panel. By double clicking on icons in the links panel, your team can easily switch between high and low resolution links. When sending files to a printer or to users without the plugin, you can use InDesign's standard File > Package command and specify that you want to include assets in the packaged output. If you are a Widen Collective user, contact to enable this feature.

Photoshop and Illustrator included.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator also benefit from the Widen Adobe CC Connector. You can easily browse, upload and download to the Widen Collective from within Photoshop and Illustrator. You have quick access to your shared assets in the applications you're using them the most.


Widen’s new Adobe CC Connector links to digital assets stored in the Widen Collective.
Without ever leaving the Adobe Creative Cloud.



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