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The Silicon Designer Story

Since 2009, Silicon Designer has been the leading tool for online editing, because it has always offered great customizability, with a totally unique appearance, while making it easy to harness some very powerful technologies.

Using the power of HTML5, we have de-coupled the look & feel of the application from its core functionality. For example: one client might choose a slider to change font-sizes, while another prefers a dropdown. With Designer, both are easily accommodated, and this flexibility applies across all components of the interface.

Silicon Designer is an extensible set of standards-based solutions covering template setup, administration, online editing, and page composition.

How it Works

The two core technologies central to Silicon Designer are Adobe InDesign Server, the highest-quality tool for rendering print output, and HTML5, the global standard for web content.

Our expertise is found at the intersection of these technologies. By managing a document’s round trip between these two powerful, but also vastly different forms of rendition, Silicon Designer ensures that when the InDesign template is loaded into a browser, it appears just as designed, precisely, to the pixel.

Then, when a print-ready PDF is generated after your edits are complete, Designer ensures that it too is rendered to output exactly as it appeared on-screen during the editing session.


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