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Silicon Designer for AEM offers an online editing experience second to none. With unparalleled customization options, Designer brings standards-based modularity to another level. By merging the power of Adobe InDesign with HTML5, Designer delivers one of the most powerful online publishing experiences for AEM available today, driven by an extensible set of standards-based solutions covering template setup, administration, online editing, and page composition.

Live Demo at Adobe Summit 2018 in Las Vegas

This 4-minute video shows Silicon Designer for AEM being demo'ed live at Adobe Summit 2018 by Josh Ramirez, Head of Product for AEM Assets. Take a peek...



How does it work?

The core technologies central to Silicon Designer for AEM are Adobe InDesign Server, the highest-quality tool for rendering print output, and HTML5, the global standard for web content.

By managing the round trip between these two powerful, yet vastly different forms of rendition, Silicon Designer delivers the InDesign document to any major web browser with brilliant fidelity. Later in the workflow, after edits are complete and a print-ready PDF will be generated, Designer ensures that the output exactly matches the on-screen results from the editing session.


Key Benefits of Silicon Designer for Adobe Experience Manager:
  • Easy template setup is accomplished via a powerful InDesign plugin, which helps template designers to define document structure and options, controlling how constrained or freeform the editing experience will be.
  • Customization of the user interface is fast & easy, thanks to standards-based approaches familiar to modern web developers.
  • Restful web services as well as a JavaScript API enable seamless integration with AEM and other systems.
  • Users manage Designer templates in AEM: review and approval as well as publishing can be triggered by AEM workflow events.





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