Silicon One is form-based variable editing

Silicon One is a solution for basic but powerful online editing of documents created in Adobe InDesign. It lets you set up templates using the same core tools from our flagship Silicon Designer product, but foregoes the WYSIWYG on canvas editing in favor of a simple, form-based interface for editing document data.

With Silicon One, users edit the content of the page: the text and images that are defined as variables can be entered via forms or consumed from data sources. The formatting, however, comes from the templates themselves.

This differs from Silicon Designer in that Designer allows changing both content and presentation online, yet Silicon One in its baseline form only lets users manipulate the content itself, leaving the styles and presentation of that content template-driven.


Control your brand

We have found that solutions like Silicon One are ideal for companies such as franchises, where strict brand control is essential, and letting end-users re-format text and drag around objects on the page is not desirable. By separating content from presentation, Silicon One provides a powerful template-driven workflow appropriate to many organizations across a wide range of document types.

Although offering an easy intuitive user experience, Silicon One is built upon sophisticated technologies, including an InDesign plugin for setting up data-aware document templates, an admin tool for uploading templates and managing jobs, and a runtime environment for online editing and PDF/InDesign/image generation. Extensive customized data management and advanced editing features are also available.

The full power of InDesign Server

While Silicon Designer is the industry-leading tool for free-form online design, giving users creative freedom to add objects to a document, re-color and re-format virtually anything on a page, Silicon One offers a contrasting workflow in which the design is locked down, and users edit the content of those objects they have access to, with formatting automatically driven by the intent of the template designer.

While Designer is very powerful and gives unparalleled client-side editing capability, it does so by reconciling the composition features of HTML5 and InDesign Server. In some cases this actually constrains the InDesign rendition capabilities, in the interest of perfect document "round trip." Silicon One, on the other hand, uses only the InDesign Server engine, thus there are no limits to the InDesign graphic features that can be applied.




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