Digital Asset Management Meets the Adobe Creative Cloud

Silicon Connector is a revolutionary extension to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Creative Cloud Apps that enables direct collaboration with assets stored in your DAM.

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Once Silicon Connector is installed, the creative team will have easy access (from their Adobe tool of choice) to all approved and in-progress assets, ensuring that your repository remains the single source of truth.

Silicon Publishing has developed connectors with numerous partners: select a specific DAM provider below to learn more about how Connector can work for you.


While the functionality for Silicon Connector implementations varies quite a bit between our DAM partners, our Silicon Connector for Box is a great example of the fundamental capabilities of this product:

Do you have a DAM not listed above? We have built 20+ other Connectors, so possibly we’ve already got a Connector for you. If not, we remain the world leader at asset connectivity from Adobe software, so we’d be happy to discuss a solution.