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Bringing High-quality Composition to Automated Workflows

Silicon Publishing is the partner you need to buy and configure your InDesign Server.

We help hundreds of customers worldwide to create InDesign and InDesign Server workflows to automate their publishing projects.

From database publishing, to web to print, to .

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Adobe InDesign is the global standard in page layout for commercial and corporate publishing. It offers extremely powerful and sophisticated page composition, and is used by millions every day for high-quality print layout, as well as digital publishing.

Adobe InDesign Server brings the entire spectrum of InDesign layout & composition capabilities into a server context. Instead of being controlled by a traditional User Interface (UI), InDesign Server is controlled by automated processes, for example a Web Service call telling it to load a template and update text and graphics based on information from a database or web request.

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Pricing for InDesign Server 2020

 InDesign Server has three types of license:

1. Premium

Which lets you use it for interactive applications such as a Web Application. The Premium license is $13,500/year.

2. Limited

Which lets you use it within your organization for batch page automation. The Limited license is $5,000/year.

3. Developer

For testing or staging InDesign Server solutions. The Developer license is $2,100/year.


Attaining quality document automation

What can you do with InDesign Server? Examples include personalized marketing, catalog publishing, brochure and collateral creation, self-service ad creation, and editorial workflow automation. Here at Silicon Publishing we tend to think of these in two general buckets: database publishing and online editing.

In a database publishing workflow, structured content from a database or XML stream flows through templates created in desktop InDesign to produce output such as catalogs, spec sheets, one-to-one marketing materials, financial statements, or personalized informational content.

In an online editing workflow, users can go online to create their own content, such as Photobooks, greeting cards, or invitations for consumers, or business cards, self-service ads, or brand-enforced marketing collateral for franchises in a business context.

Get up and running with InDesign Server!

Silicon Publishing was in the very first group of InDesign Server resellers in 2005, and we are now the leading Adobe Authorized Reseller of InDesign Server: we are the only company to offer every form of server license available. Several of our staff are former Adobe employees who worked in the InDesign group, making substantial contributions to the product. We live and breathe this technology, having built the largest InDesign Server solutions in the world for clients including Shutterfly, Royal Caribbean, Amazon, Disney, and Nike.

We can sell InDesign Server to you, identifying the proper license type for your needs, and we provide the best support for InDesign Server in the industry at no additional cost. We also offer services and products, ranging from training to development to large-scale solutions built on our Silicon Designer and Silicon Paginator platforms.

Silicon Publishing InDesign Server Requirements

  Budget Moderate Traffic High Availability High Throughput High Availability
InDesign Server Version Single Instance Multi Instance Multi Instance Multi Instance
Server Count 1 Server 1 Server 2 Servers (Redundant) 2+ Servers (Redundant)
Server Cores or Virtual Cores Quad Core 16 Cores 32 Cores 48 Cores
RAM 16 GB 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB
Storage 250 GB Server Hard Drive 500 GB Server Hard Drive 750 GB SAN 1+ TB SAN

Server Requirements are based on individual customer use case. Factors to consider: number of composition calls per day, real time composition calls, number of concurrent users expected, need for failover, template complexity and asset storage requirements. The above estimates are based on common usage patterns.




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Attaining quality document automation



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