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Silicon Publishing Inc. (SPI), the industry expert in Web-to-Print solutions based on Adobe InDesign Server, has worked with the full spectrum of Adobe technology. As an early adopter, SPI developed a number of Web-to-Print applications for customers deploying solutions based on Scene7 Web to Print technology. The experience gained by SPI and Adobe helped shape the product.

Dynamic Media Classic

For SPI, Adobe InDesign Server has been and remains its preferred development platform for Web-to-Print solutions. Adobe InDesign Server is solid technology that has enjoyed continuous evolution and support from Adobe. As you can read in this blog post, when it comes to Web-to-Print, the company has always been strongly focused on Adobe InDesign Server.

The InDesign Server model, where the last mile of the solution is left to third parties like ourselves or internal development teams, has been very well proven to work, with Adobe doing what they do best: core rendition software. The diversity of use cases, document types, and integration points demand a flexibility and extensibility that happens to have been provided really well with InDesign Server — inherited from brilliant sustained work over many many release cycles of the desktop product. Scene7 Web-to-Print was a beautiful vision and is actually still a very powerful technology, yet the future of Web-to-Print is clearly something else.

Rich web to print solutions 

SPI's Silicon Designer product represents the state of the art in Web-to-Print. Silicon Designer has evolved considerably over the past 5 years, using HTML5 to surpass functionality that was once possible only with Adobe Flash, while at the same time accelerating InDesign Server rendition by an order of magnitude.



In business for 17 years, Silicon Publishing has never left customers behind. Several clients have already transitioned from Scene7 Web-to-Print to Silicon Designer, and tools are available to assist in your migration, including automated conversion of Scene7 Web to Print/FXG-based templates to Silicon Designer.

The Silicon team can easily assess the scope of effort required to migrate applications from the Scene7 Web-to-Print platform to the Silicon Designer platform based on InDesign Server.


Contact Silicon Publishing for a free consultation. For those migrating in 2017, SPI offers discounted pricing on Silicon Designer.

Flexible deployment options include:

  • On-premise or hosted solutions.
  • Highly customizable UI.
  • Highest quality print output with InDesign Server.
  • Scalable performance.




Silicon Designer


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