Four Trends in 2021 for Editing Creative Online

Online Design

Editing creative online has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. Whether you edit marketing collateral, create fine works of art, or create quick posts for your social media, online editing is today’s reality. This webinar will inform you of how this came to be, how online editing works, and the possible future directions.

Join us for this free Webinar on November 9th, 9AM PST.

Max Dunn

Max Dunn

Co-Founder and CEO, Silicon Publishing

Max Dunn is the President of Silicon Publishing, co-founded with Alissa Whitney in 2000. Max brings passionate energy and technical expertise to his leadership of this team as they advance publishing technology.

Mike Zahoric

Mike Zahorik

Senior Business Development Manager, Adobe InDesign

Mike serves as the Business Development Manager for the InDesign and Illustrator product families. He has championed the InDesign Server product since its inception, guiding its evolution into a truly cloud-friendly platform.

Olav Kvern

Olav Kvern

Senior Solutions Architect, Silicon Publishing

Olav “Ole” Kvern is the Senior Solutions Architect at Silicon Publishing. As a member of the Adobe InDesign development team, Ole pioneered InDesign scripting, and has been its evangelist for more than two decades.

Come See the Future

The future of online editing is now at your fingertips. Join this panel as they discuss how we’ve gotten to the point where anyone can create beautiful documents and images from easy-to-use, web-based tools—as well as what’s next. Space is limited, so register now.

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