A custom editor tailored
to your workflow.

A custom online editor tailored
to your workflow.

Designer 2.0


Silicon Designer is an online editing platform based on Adobe InDesign Server. It offers the highest-quality output, at scale, and a fully customizable user interface. It is modular and extensible, easily integrated with shopping carts, DAMs, and other systems

Flow Diagram

Drag & Drop Editing

WYSIWIG interface. Users can select an element, such as text or an image, by clicking on it with a mouse or touch input, and then move or reposition the selected item by dragging it to a new location on the screen. Read more.


You configure on an application and template basis how much constraint or freedom your editors have.
Drag & Drop Illustration

Form-Based Text Editing

Instead of directly manipulating elements on the interface, users interact with predefined forms that present specific parameters or properties of the content. This method provides a systematic and organized approach to editing, as users input data or adjust settings within the designated form fields to modify the content according to desired specifications.

InDesign integrated

Building templates with Designer is easy and powerful. Designers work within Adobe InDesign to define the online editing experience, then non-designers are able to edit content online while adhering to brand guidelines.

Tailored to your workflow

Because no two organizations have identical needs, Silicon Designer offers complete customizability: you can tailor the user experience, content rules or even the entire workflow precisely to your requirements.

3D Capabilities

Users can add text and graphics to dimensional products, then visualize them in interactive 3D. Silicon Designer comes with state-of-the-art 2D editing, while its integrated 3D viewer offers a photorealistic, interactive visualization of final products that users can rotate and zoom.

Work directly with our team to build the perfect editor for your application.