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Challenges with
Adobe InDesign Server

When you work with InDesign Server, you will soon learn that It’s just InDesign desktop, made available in a server-based context. Out of the box, it doesn’t have a modern RESTful API, nor does it manage the load balancing and job queuing of multiple instances. Beyond the automation work needed to program document output, the administration and management of IDS is itself a significant development effort.
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Enter Silicon
Render Service

From the hundreds of IDS solutions delivered over the past 18 years, a powerful management tool gradually evolved—one that solves these challenges.

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What it provides:

  1. A RESTful service layer, enabling you to call rendition jobs
  2. Load balancing and job queuing, across one or more servers
  3. An administrative tool for storing templates, assets, and scripts
  4. Alternate rendition modules, for both 2D and 3D graphics that can augment IDS workflows
For those seeking to deploy an InDesign Server solution using their own scripts, Silicon Render Service can quickly add powerful capabilities to your servers/cloud, or in our hosted environment. To those wanting complete solutions, our Silicon Designer and Silicon Paginator products are now both built on top of this same service, and provide comprehensive APIs for online editing and database-publishing solutions.

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Guidance and support is here to stay.

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We provide videos guiding Designer customers in its deployment and usage.

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We have documentation of how to deploy, customize, and integrate Designer.

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