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Adobe InDesign Server

Silicon Publishing is the world's leading provider of Adobe InDesign Server solutions, with deep capability for extending desktop and server Adobe InDesign and the Creative Cloud. Beyond resale and unparalleled support of InDesign Server itself, our flagship products, Silicon Designer, Silicon Paginator and Silicon Connector are key building blocks of automated publishing.

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Given that, here’s the challenge: Adobe InDesign does not readily link InDesign documents to assets stored in the Cloud. It only supports digital assets on the local file system or network. Silicon Connector fixes that, by linking InDesign to Box simply and automatically. Beyond URL-based links to Box assets from InDesign, Silicon Connector enables access to Box from directly within Photoshop and Illustrator.

Silicon Designer

Design high-quality print documents online through a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface.

Set up templates with Adobe InDesign, defining editing characteristics including variable text and images. The premier product for round-tripping InDesign and HTML5.

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Silicon Connector

Direct linking from Adobe InDesign desktop and server to cloud and web assets.

Connect to DAMs and storage platforms including Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Alfresco, Box, Canto, Dalim, Genus, MediaBeacon, WebDAM and Widen.

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Silicon Paginator

Set up InDesign templates to map to data sources, and flow out dynamic print-ready content.

Automate the production of dynamic documents ranging from marketing campaigns to catalogs to financial statements, with simple or complex data sources and integration points.

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