If you’re in the real estate business, you’re probably part of a large, nationwide association or affiliation that has offices in nearly every state, or your business may be headquartered in just one city, and perhaps you have a few locations — or even just one.

In any case, you’re still a component of a larger entity that seeks to present all of its advertisements and marketing collateral in a unified, branded way, whether that’s just in your local area, in a few states, or nationwide, as some companies are.

Branded, Designed, Managed Content is King

On average, it takes about ten hours of work for a real estate professional to create a complete suite of marketing materials for one property. These range from flyers and physical mailings to social media campaigns and even yard signs.  Given that time commitment, it’s easy to see how any realtor managing as few as ten listings simultaneously would require full-time assistance.

If you have a number of real estate professionals in your office, advertising is just one part of their job — and chances are good that it may not be their favorite part, either. One of the typical requirements of agent advertising is that it must conform to branding and other aesthetic standards set by the organization, its designers and/or owners. A very important part, not always fully understood by individual agents, are the national and local legal requirements. If each real estate agent were free to create their advertisements any way they chose, no one’s ads would look the same, and your company could not present its listings cohesively and consistently; the company’s marketing efforts would look highly unprofessional and improvised.

Silicon Designer Is Your Go-To Solution

Real estate agents should not have to know how to use page-layout software applications like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator to create their ads, signs, business cards and/or other collateral. If you have just one designer for your organization (this person could even be remote, in the case of national associations or franchises with multiple offices), you can have them create templates for your collateral in Silicon Designer and designate which content elements are editable by your company’s agents.

Your agents won’t need to spend any time learning how to lay out pages with InDesign or any other tool; they won’t have to take the time to read company style guides or other documents to create new ads, signs, business cards or any other collateral that your office produces. Teams of agents can work together on documents and collaborate on the elements that really matter, such as marketing copy, pricing, showings and contact information. Because sharing is done over the web, templates can be accessed from anywhere and on any device — whether an agent is at home, in the office or on the road.

Less Time Worrying About Details

Any time new agents are added to your office, they’ll have instant access to these same tools, so they can quickly turn out collateral that matches what your office is already producing. Now you won’t have to worry whether a new agent will remember to make use of an exact Pantone color, add a trademark symbol to your company’s association name, or append a standard legal disclaimer to the bottom of their ads, to give just a few examples.

Silicon Designer makes your designer’s life easier as well, because they can focus purely on their end product — your company’s image and marketing materials — without having to spend hours of their day interacting with agents, support staff or managers to correct information and/or make time-sensitive revisions.

Silicon Designer’s interfaces and editing tools are all fully customizable, so your organization can decide what’s within scope to be changed — and what’s not. Branding elements, colors, fonts, sizes and object proportions can be locked down so they remain consistent across individual listing iterations and diverse collateral types. With fewer revisions and resources used more efficiently, your designers can spend more time doing what they do best — being creative. Your collateral can look better, production and pre-production times can be cut, and costs can be reduced.

Silicon Designer doesn’t just help in terms of print collateral; it also works with online, digital collateral — think social media ads and banners. No longer will your organization have to write, maintain and update style guides, branding manuals or documents with advertising layout rules. Now both print and web collateral can be safely edited anywhere, anytime — even on mobile platforms.

Works with Established Publishing Workflow Apps and Systems

Silicon Designer integrates easily with existing systems, such as marketing portals, workflow apps and asset management software. The platform is administered through an easy-to-use dashboard, so your agents don’t have to spend time going back and forth among disparate web pages, apps or sites.

For real estate, the most critical source of data is usually the MLS system. With Designer’s help, the realtor simply reviews and approves the set of resources that Designer creates, thus reducing their investment of time per listing from hours to minutes.

Silicon Designer is made to be lightning-fast and rock-solid in terms of stability, so production time can be minimized, freeing up your agents’ schedules and allowing them to concentrate more on their primary job — selling and leasing real estate.

Empower Real Estate Professionals while Retaining Brand

Real estate professionals are freed up by Silicon Designer to focus on what they do best; managing the all-important relationships they maintain with prospects and clients. This is possible thanks to automated delivery of the promotional and support materials central to marketing a property most effectively.

Design teams are liberated from tedious collateral management requests received over email and fax. Rather than worrying about a property’s specifics, they can focus on creating powerful templates that present the content effectively and consistently.

By adopting the Silicon Designer platform, organizations use their resources in the most efficient way possible. This results in powerful communication, maintenance of a strong brand image, and development of an effective workflow allowing for scalability and growth.

If you own, manage or just work in a real estate office, you owe it to yourself to look into what Silicon Designer can do for your business and its affiliates. Real estate and real estate marketing are two of Designer’s largest vertical market applications. Feel free to schedule a demo today to see all of Silicon Designer’s capabilities as they relate to your enterprise.

You can see Silicon Designer in action at our next webinar, “Four Trends in 2021 for Editing Creative Online,” November 9th at 9AM pst. Register here.

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