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Visualizing Promotional Products
by Max Dunn

Graphics technology has evolved rapidly following the advent of the computer, and during the past decade high-quality 3D graphics have finally become available to everyone. It’s hard to imagine that just 9 years ago, we were lobbying to convince Apple to support WebGL. But today, WebGL is on every major phone, providing first-class 3D experiences to literally billions of people.

Silicon Designer

At Silicon Publishing, we’ve dabbled in 3D intermittently, but our deep focus has been 2-dimensional documents and images. Our Silicon Designer provides a completely customizable, extensible platform that produces high quality documents and images.

With the release of our 3D Viewer, we have moved into another dimension. Any document or image that you’re editing in Designer can be placed onto a

3D model in an interactive viewer. Think of a company logo on a thumb drive, or your name and picture on a mug, pen or other customizable product.

Promotional products represent an absolutely perfect use case for this technology. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), for example, boasts over 25,000 supplier and distributor members in this specific niche. This robust ecosystem continues to grow, yet tools for editing and visualizing customization tend to be rather simplistic, with limited functionality.

Mug 3D Mockup
3D Pen Mockup

This is the first industry that we are targeting for the 3D viewer. Before you buy that pen with your name on it, you can see precisely how it will look, from any angle, zooming in to any level of detail. You can view an animation that gives a complete visualization of the customized product in seconds. We believe this technology is a perfect fit for the promotional products industry.

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