Connector Activation

When you have acquired a license key for Silicon Connector, you can activate it either when InDesign starts or using the Activate… menu item.

Activating when starting InDesign

When you open InDesign with a trial version, you will be presented with the following dialog:

Error message

If you click Yes, you will then be presented with the activation dialog that looks like this:

Activation dialog

Enter your license key into the box and click OK. Your product should activate and you will be able to use an unlimited amount of linked assets.

Activating from the Activate… menu

If InDesign is already running, you can use the Connector > Activate… menu option to activate Connector.


In some versions of Silicon Connector, the menu item will show with a different name. For example, in the DALIM ES CC Connector, it looks like the following.

Veeva Activation

After clicking Activate…, you’ll be presented with the activation dialog.


To deactivate, use the Connector menu shown above and choose Deactivate. This will free up an activation for use on another system.