Here is the entire video of our Webinar, “The Insider’s Guide to InDesign Server.”

There is a corresponding blog post on Medium, which explains the same content in blog format. Here are links to the individual sections (click on the time, then click on the youtube video when it comes up):

Introduction from Adobe: 3:10
What is Adobe InDesign Server? 7:50
Why Adobe created InDesign Server: 12:26
How InDesign Server came to exist: 13:56
How InDesign Server is used today: 17:13
Database publishing with InDesign Server: 18:07
Online Editing with InDesign Server: 24:47
Automation for InDesign Workgroups: 29:53
Automating InDesign Server: 33:33
Deploying and scaling InDesign Server: 36:10
How to try InDesign Server: 37:44
How to buy InDesign Server: 38:16
Q & A: 39:22

Following are the topics we covered, with each followed by links to related content.

Introduction from Adobe

Web site: Adobe InDesign Server page

What is Adobe InDesign Server?

Blog post: What is InDesign Server?

Why Adobe created InDesign Server

Video: What is InDesign Server?

How InDesign Server came to exist

Blog post: A brief history of InDesign Server

Blog post: Farewell to the Empress of Adobe

Database publishing with InDesign Server

Video: How to Automate Indesign with a Database

Online Editing with InDesign Server

Blog post: The Core Composition Engines of Web to Print

Webinar: Adobe MAX 2019 and the New Silicon Designer

Video: Online Editing with silicon Designer

Blog post: Silicon Designer and the Power of Web Standards

Blog post: Asset Management meets Online Design: Silicon Designer for AEM Assets

Automating InDesign Server

Web site: Adobe InDesign Automation page

Deploying and scaling InDesign Server

Blog post: Modern Web to Print Architectures

How to try InDesign Server

Blog post: How to Try Adobe InDesign Server

How to buy InDesign Server

Web site: Silicon Publishing InDesign Server page

Q & A

Web site: The Insider’s Guide to InDesign Server (see Q&A at the end)



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