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No two Silicon Designers look the same!

The Silicon Designer interface is not just configurable, it can literally reflect any design imaginable. Years of development have made the user experience completely independent of core editing functionality, enabling users to work through a form, and/or directly on the canvas, using any number of client-defined controls.

An editor that belongs to you.

We don’t brand Silicon Designer, but instead license the platform to clients who then make it their own by tailoring it to their unique requirements for their constituencies. Designer strikes the balance between creative freedom and brand control that’s appropriate for your organization. It truly is a platform that you can make entirely your own.

Lightning fast; rock solid!

Silicon Designer is built to run at scale. It is the engine behind the largest online editing solutions in the world, and can accommodate any number of concurrent users, with any level of document throughput required. As it uses the Adobe InDesign Server engine, the quality of output is unparalleled by any competing online editing tool.