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This 32 page cruise booklet was 100% automated and prepared for printing in seconds.

Automated Booklet


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Silicon Paginator

Sophisticated software that can automate layouts, data, templates, documents and everything in between. With one command, entire booklets can be designed & ready for print.

Another example:

Food Menu

Restaurant Menus

We have automated menus for the largest (and smallest) restaurants and restaurant chains on the planet. If you want to step up your game and control data-driven menu management, our Paginator engine can be an extremely effective tool.

With Paginator, pricing updates, copy changes, and templates can be quickly and easily updated to reflect the latest offerings, keeping your branding current.

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It’s almost magical.

Content Sources


Our solution provides seamless integration with existing web portals, offering content authors and stakeholders an intuitive and familiar environment for content creation.

By leveraging HTML as the primary content source, users benefit from greater control, validation, and compatibility. With our robust functionality, we effortlessly render high-quality InDesign output from HTML, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Content Sources

Document components
with inline variables.

During our discovery process, we identified key inputs required for Silicon Paginator:

Itinerary Automated


Tabular data, such as itinerary details or passenger lists, seamlessly flows into tabular output.

HTML Text Components

These include variable placeholders, ensuring dynamic content that can be resolved prior to rendition.
InDesign Templates


Representing the styles and geometry of rendition intent, these templates ensure consistency and branding.
Graphic Asset Library


Including photos and vector art, enhancing the visual appeal of the booklets.
Graphic Asset Library

Effortless Automation

Silicon Paginator effortlessly ingests these inputs, resolving text component variables with relational data, selecting page templates, and seamlessly rendering personalized booklets.

With automation at its core, Silicon Paginator handles large-scale production effortlessly, processing over 10,000 20+ page booklets daily. Our focus on clarity in data specifications, HTML, and templates ensures smooth operations and allows for automated validation, guaranteeing completeness and gracefully managing edge cases.”

Pagination with
formatting rules

Ensuring impeccable output was paramount for RCCL, considering their strict brand requirements and high design standards. To achieve this, we automated design logic based on inputs from human designers, addressing key concerns such as managing whitespace, text overflow, and page count requirements.

Whitespace Management

Whitespace Management:

Our solution minimizes unnecessary whitespace by adjusting styles or adding filler images/text when additional pages are required.
Whitespace Management
Text overflow

Text Overflow Handling

Automated copy fit algorithms ensure that text fits seamlessly within designated frames.

Flexible Pagination

Silicon Paginator’s pagination logic dynamically adjusts section sizes and sequences based on predefined business rules, ensuring a polished final product.


Whether it’s a one-page flyer or a five-hundred-page catalog requiring 10,000,000 copies, our process is 100% automated and ready for printing within seconds.

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Silicon Paginator specializes in data-driven document publishing & automation for a wide variety of documents, ranging from brochures, catalogs, datasheets, one-to-one marketing pieces, to financial statements and much more…

Paginator integrates data from many sources to automate InDesign documents using Adobe InDesign Server.

If it can be printed or published online,
we can automate it.

No layout or data-population is too complex for Paginator.

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